Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities reflect our ongoing commitment to promoting growth across the Yorkshire region. We do this via job creation, including investing in local graduates and young people through apprenticeships. In the past 12 months we have recruited one graduate under an internship programme as well as an apprentice and two members of staff under the work placement scheme via the job centre. We are also working with EOF (Employment Opportunities Funding) in communities.

In addition, our work with the Yorkshire Enterprise Network involves encouraging stronger relationships between local businesses for the greater good of the area via business networking, seminars and events. We have worked extensively with The Telegraph and Argus to create regular ‘Bradford Means Business’ networking events with the main aim of promoting greater collaborative working between local businesses.

Through events we have also supported a number of local charities including, Bradford Crocus Cancer Appeal, Yorkshire Children’s Air Ambulance, St Anne’s Community Services, Bradford Bulls Foundation and Centrepoint.

We also recognise that our responsibility is global as well as local. As such, we have invested heavily in ‘green’ energy solutions with the installation of biomass boilers at both Crown House and Oakwood Court as well as automated lighting to save energy.

Through these and other initiatives, we look forward to continuing our investment in the local community and by fulfilling our responsibilities as an ethical and environmentally conscious business we hope to contribute to a more sustainable society.