We are continually looking to diversify our portfolio of companies by investing in a wide range of sectors. Our diverse portfolio enables us to assist companies in a number of ways including:

• Cashflow
• Back Office Facilities
• Management Support
• Management Link-in
• Internet Portals
• Financial Resources
• Administration


• £200k to £5m turnover (will consider upto £10m in certain cases)
• Growth potential and demonstrable demand for products/services
• Committed management
• Malik House Limited prefer to acquire 40% - 60% of businesses (though consider a minimum of 25% upto 100%)


• Companies wanting to grow further and require resource input (capital, management, support, etc)
• Profitable but cash flow difficulties
• Turnaround situations and recovery
• Companies looking to diversify into new markets (products, services, geography, processes)
• Divestment of non-core business asset and operations
• Strategic alliances
• New project set-up with established companies

Malik House Funding

We are looking to make investments into businesses that are willing to exceed. This might be a business looking at creating a new product or service, an established product or even services into a new market or it might simply be an exciting opportunity.

Feel free to submit an initial finance enquiry:

This enquiry form is not intended to be a comprehensive review of your cash requirement – but it is an easy start to the process. When we respond, we will give you our sincere feedback on what you provide and will explain how we can take things forward if appropriate.

For your information – we will not consider enquiries where there is no business plan or cashflow projections of any sort, but we do need something to support your enquiry!

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